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Event Booths / Kiosks
Denver Photo Kiosk Rentals
Fun & Frolic
  • Onsite Instant Prints
  • Red Carpet Setups
  • Instant Facebook & Instagram Uploads
  • Fun Props and Costumes
  • Green Screen Capable
Marketing Options
  • Data Collection
  • Collect Names & Emails Easily
  • Create Survey’s and Questionaires
  • Coupon & Contest Integration
  • Media Sharing Kioks
Corporate Branding
  • Custom Branding & Kiosk
  • Photo Strip Prints (customized)
  • Custom backdrops
  • Custom Online Galleries
  • Real Time Projected Slideshows


Variety of Camera Stands

Different Booths and Kiosks for different types of events.  From sleek corporate stands (with custom branding) to “old school” vintage photo boxes (with modern cameras and screens of course).  We have the look you need.

What Makes Us Different?

We work with client events of all sizes and difficulty, from 12 person personal gigs to 10,000 person corporate events for multinationals.

  • Live Attendant !!! – It is so important to have a fun, skilled energetic person manning the photo station helping people to move quickly, select props, directing fun poses and much more.
  • Professional Lighting – Our photo booths use large off-camera lighting for professional looking images.  No “camera flashes” here.
  • Backup Hardware – We don’t leave anything to chance.  We keep backup equipment on location so you look good for your guests when the unexpected happens.
  • Fast Hardware/Software – Modern well maintained equipment and powerful computer processors keep the people moving quickly so that everyone gets a chance to have fun.
  • Fast Prints – 7 second print speeds. Yep, you read that correctly.
  • Professional DSLR camera – Quality high resolution images provide sharp clear photo prints.
  • Live Video Screen – Allows people to see themselves in real time while posing for the best possible photos.

Corporate Branding & Marketing

Photo Kiosks/Booths are not just a good time for your event attendees.  They are an amazing marketing and branding tool allowing you to collect data quickly and easily while providing entertainment for your guests.

Corporate Event Marketing

  • Data Collection
  • Collect Names & Emails Easily
  • Create Survey’s and Questionnaires
  • Coupon & Contest Integration
  • Media Sharing Kiosks

Corporate Event Branding

  • Custom Branding & Kiosk
  • Photo Strip Prints (customized)
  • Custom backdrops
  • Custom Online Galleries
  • Real Time Projected Slideshows


Base Prices

  • Base Pricing – $800 (3 hrs – including all setup and tear down)
  • Additional Hours – $200 / hr. (Discounts @ 8hrs).
  • Idle Hours- $100

Fun Options

  • Included Backdrops [ $0 ] – Standard white or black.
  • Premium Backdrops [ $50 ]Premium Options
  • Custom Designed Backdrops [ $350 – $400 ] – Use your own logos or anything you wish.  We print onto fabric material to reduce glare.
  • VIP Red Carpet Setting [ $100 ] – Let us give you a true “red carpet” feel with all the glamour and pomp of a Hollywood event – without the superstars 😉 .
  • Added Photo Filters  [ $50 ] – Let guests select and add filters to their images.  16 filters total (black and white, sepia, comic book and much more…).
  • Memory Book [ $75 ] – Instead of the standard two prints, the printer will print three. Two prints will go to your guests and one will be placed into a beautiful memory book, where your guests can write their well wishes by the picture. This is not a scrapbook with black pages and notes written in gel pens and pictures scattered and glued down with no order. This is a padded memory book with slots for each picture and a designated area to write below, ensuring that the final product is something that you’ll be proud to place on your coffee table!
  • GIF [ $150 ]  Guests can take a sequence of photos resulting in a GIF that can be sent to their email or phone.

Marketing / Branding Options

  • Digital Sharing [ $200 ] – Allow your guests to share their photos directly to their phones or social media accounts.
  • Social Media Kiosk [ $200 ] – If you have a lot of people and want to keep the photo booth moving this kiosk is the answer.  It stands seperately from the photo booth location.  Images are automatically sent from the camera to the kiosk where guests can share their images online at any point in time.
    Customized Interface [ $150 ]
    –  we can brand the kiosk with your event/company colors and logos.
  • Step and Repeat/ Customized Backdrop [ $200 ]  Want to give your event the feeling of an VIP party? You can do so by choosing a custom step and repeat backdrop. Well design it together, adding your monogram, logo, or name to it.
    Pair this with our red carpet set up to add a true VIP experience.
  • Green Screen [ $400 ]  – Want something more exciting than a “normal” backdrop?  How about using a green screen to create any background you can imagine including imagery which promotes your event or business!   Our designer will work with you to select or create images that will work for your event needs.
  • Event Invitations Design [ $50 ]