Trade shows, Exhibitions, Awards, Conventions, Office Parties and Expos.


Charity Fundraisers, Galas, Award Presentations, Balls and Media Events.


Concerts, Bands, Local Festivals, Fairs and Reunions.


Professional Sport Events, High School Athletics, Races and Fun Runs.


Political Campaigns, Activist Rallies and Event Fundraisers.


Documentaries, Film Productions, Event Organizers.

Denver Event Photographer

A little background on Gene Tewksbury…

Denver Event Photographer

“An event is merely a story happening in real time. It has a beginning, a middle and an end. It is the job of an event photographer to convey that story.”

My name is Gene Tewksbury. I bring a strong background in event photography, commercial photography and travel photography. I know… an interesting mix of specialties, but that is where my career has taken me This broad range of experience has given me an extremely versatile skill set and a unique style of photography.

When hiring a photographer skills and style are not everything. Factors such as reliability, punctuality and experience can be equally important. After all…

  • If your photographer cancels at the last moment, you get left in an inconvenient and potentially expensive situation.
  • If your photographer is late and misses the big moment, it doesn’t matter how “cool” their style was.
  • If your photographer is unable to adapt to unforeseen circumstance you may end up with little worth keeping.

I have been a private business owner since 1999, and I fully understand the needs of the clients, whether that client is a corporate manager, a news wire or a bride-to-be.

I look forward to working with you.

Approved member of Visit Denver Convention & Visitors Burough

Approved member of Visit Denver Visitors Bureau.



Approved Vendor for Colorado Convention Center


One stop professional Denver event photography.

What is “real time” photography?  Well, some clients would like imagery from the event to reach their social media pages during the actual event.  Others situations call for a live slideshow that runs on monitors around the event showing speakers and participants throughout the day.

Big Sun Photography can make this happen for you.  There are a variety of ways we can accomplish this and they each have their pros and cons.  Which one is right for you may depend a great deal on the resources available at the event location. Give a call and we can discuss your options.

Your images are valuable, but sometimes things happen.  Big Sun Photography provides FREE backup of your images on three separate hard drives (one within a fire-safe).

If you should lose your image files for any reason (computer hard drive failure or the cat walked across your “delete” key at just the wrong moment)…  no worries!  Pick up the phone and call. We will quickly replace your image files at no cost.

After a client’s event has been shot, the images will be professionally culled and uploaded to a private server where images will be made available for viewing and download.

Private Gallery: At your request, images can be uploaded to a public (or password protected) gallery which can be shared with friends, family, co-workers or the world as a whole.  The gallery can be made available for up to a month at no charge.

This makes sharing your images so much easier than dealing with all the resizing, uploading and gallery creation required on your own website or social media pages.  Just share a single link via email or social network.

Just capturing great photos is not always enough to get you what you want.  This is particularly so with difficult lighting venues and more artistic events like weddings and ceremonies.  Quality professional post production can bring out the full potential of your images.  Big Sun Photography offers a wide variety of post production options from retouching to artistic stylization.

  • Portrait & glamour retouching
  • Special effects and overlays
  • Object removal (or insertion)
  • General exposure and color correction
  • Background removal
  • Masking
  • Compositing
  • Photo restoration

Big Sun Photography offers full buyout of images so that you can print your images with whomever you wish.

However, for most people and businesses this is an unwanted hassle therefore Big Sun Photography provides archival quality print products at very reasonable rates, delivered right to your doorstep.  One stop event photography!

  • Archival Prints
  • Aluminized Prints
  • Canvas Prints
  • Custom Framed Prints
  • Greeting Cards
  • Calendars
  • Photo Books
  • and more…


REI Outfitters
Astra Toys
Conference of State Banking Supervisors
Ice-O-Matic Energy Conference
The Achievement
National School Bus Exchange
Design-Build Institute of America
ENR Best Project Awards
Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
Bobit Business Media
Colorado Energy Expo
Blooming Brands
USDA Farm to School
Mertz Productions
Publishers Association of Thailand.


What can I say?  People like my work.

  • We at the School of Mines felt you did a wonderful job capturing the excitement and fun of our student fair last month.  We’ve incorporated several of your images into our monthly newsletter.  We will be using your photography services again in the future I’m sure.

    Beth Whiteman
    School Event Planner
  • Joe and I just had a chance to take a quick look at your photos.  We both agree that they are awesome and exactly what we were looking for.  We would like to give you an additional $100 bonus for your hard work and for getting them back to us so fast.

    Mertz Productions
    Event Production Company
  • It has taken me a while to finally feel up to looking through the funeral photographs from my brother’s service last month.  Gene, truly beautiful.  I was so lost in my own thoughts at the time that I wasn’t seeing the many friends and family who were there, sharing stories and memories from Bob’s life.  Within the photos I saw love, laughter, grief and strength.  These burial photos are not about remembering his death but about remembering all the people whom he touched in his life.  Bless you for putting so much work into such lovely imagery.  I will recommend you to the funeral home as a quality funeral photographer.

    Beth Clinton
  • Thank you Gene for making my wedding such a success.  You really helped to make things go smoothly and I just love the photos.  I know wedding photography is no easy task, but you really made it look easy.  Thanks again.  Can’t wait to get my prints.

    Amy Birkshiere
  • Gene!  Just wanted to thank you for your professional work at my brother’s retirement party.  You did a wonderful job.  Martha (his wife) couldn’t stop talking about the portrait you took of her and the sisters.  She hung the framed print right in the main foyer.

    Bob Richards
  • Gene – thank you so much for the photos – I have looked through them and they are lovely.

    Andrea Pinya – ENR Best Projects
    Event Coordinator
  • Hey Gene, Larry here…  I received the final images today and am so very happy.  My son looks like a rock star kicking goals and running the field.  He really loves that diving shot you captured.  Call you again if we make regionals this year.

    Larry Jess
  • Demotix would like to thank you for your coverage of the USA Pro Challenge bicycle race this year.  You did a good job and we appreciate you driving all the way up to Breckenridge on such short notice.  We’ll see if we can get you a press pass next year to put you in a better position.

    Demotix Newswire
    Stringer Manger, Editor
  • You did yourself well, yesterday. You were characterized as a true professional, kind, and patient, to name just a few. Your character showed through as well. You’re a good guy. Everyone at the facility thoroughly enjoyed you. You’re a good guy,You did an excellent job. Thank you.

    C. Bruce
  • We do 13+ trade shows per year and I hire a professional photographer for most of them.  These are hands down the best photos we’ve had returned for one of our events and I’ve been handling this for five years!   These really raise the bar and make out event look like a high end production.   I can’t wait to use these in our marketing for next year!

    Irene Gruen – Bobit Business Media
    Senior Event Marketing Manager
  • Mucho Gusto,

    We at the San Jose Food Bank are very grateful for your generous donation of time and skill last month.  We were able to use your photographs for promotional posters at this year’s Mardi Gras festival to help collect donations.  We feel the quality images helped a great deal.  Remember to drop by next time you’re in the area.  We would love to see you again.

    San Jose Food Bank


What is your pricing?

I tend to try and stick to very simple flat rate formulas (see my “pricing” page). With that said pricing can occasionally vary from the flat rate chart if unique and/or additional services are requested by the client. It is best to just give me a quick call > we talk over the details > and then I can give you a hard quote.

While I’m usually not the cheapest bid, I am always the best value.


What type of usage rights do I get?

By default all clients receive an unrestricted marketing license on their images as.  In summary the client can use the images as they please, with restrictions on resale or distribution of the images to 3rd parties.

Can I opt for full copyrights?

Absolutely!  If you wish to transfer full copyright ownership this can be added to the contract.

Down payments? / Final balance due?

Yes, a down payment charge of $250 / reserved date must be paid up front.

The balance due is to be paid on the first day of the event.

Questions & Answers

A little more about your photographer

Describe the most common types of jobs you do for your clients.

Corporate Events (Expos, Conventions, Conferences, etc).
Sporting Events (Charity Races, Marathons, Iron Man, etc).
Music and Festivals (Street Fairs, Concert Venues, Municipal Events).

What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

Really think through what you want BEFORE looking for bids (what specific subjects, style, file types, ownership/license, etc) If you give a blanket proposal to a photographer lacking true details of what you want, then you run a distinct risk that:

1) You won’t receive the images you had expected or needed.
2) The price will change on you as the photographer starts to find out all the variances from the initial proposal.

What do you wish customers knew about you or your profession?

I think people do not realize that becoming a skilled professional photographer takes just as much time, effort, education and expense as any other profession.  Most professionals (that is the key word), spend at least five years and tens of thousands of dollars before they can even think about starting their own business.  Just like any other skilled professional.

If you were a customer, what do you wish you knew about your trade? Any inside secrets to share?

Most clients do not realize that photographers bids cannot be compared “apples to apples” in most cases. There are so many variables that may or may not be included in a photographer’s bid and most photographers do not openly list this in their quotes.

You must get these details before trying to compare prices.

Examples include (but are not limited to):
– Usage licenses / ownership – Some photographers will charge you additional fees to use the images. Others will have licenses with various limitations.  Make sure you are getting an unrestricted marketing license with your photography service purchase or you may face unexpected costs down the road.
– Files sizes being offered (often there are different prices between web and print resolutions).
– Travel costs (included or not?).
– Extended time (will they stay late if needed? If so, what are the additional costs?).
– Turnaround time (some may be next day while others are 2 weeks or more).
– Post processing (is it included in the price and how skilled are they?) Often post processing can makes or break a photograph.

These are just some of the many variables between a photographer’s quote. Make sure you know what you are getting before just taking the best price.


How did you decide to get in your line of work?

I worked for many years behind a desk as a designer.  While I enjoyed the creativity it sometimes provided, it was still a desk job no matter how you look at it.  So I began a long road toward becoming a full time photographer (not an easy task as there is a great deal of competition).  Once I could finally pay my bills through my art, there was no turning back.

What are the latest developments in your field? Are there any exciting things coming in the next few years or decade that will change your line of business?

Aerial photography through the use of drones is most likely the biggest overall change for event photographers.

Do you do any sort of continuing education to stay up on the latest developments in your field?

Absolutely!  I continue to attend seminars, conventions and workshops in order to stay abreast of new techniques.   Additionally I spend at least an hour a day reading books, blogs and articles on all areas of photography.  As a photography instructor I have to know what’s new.

If you were advising someone who wanted to get into your profession, what would you suggest?

Keep you current job!  It takes a very long time to become established in photography (and thus profitable).

Providing professional event photography services throughout all of Colorado.
[Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Golden, Lakewood, Aurora, Evergreen, Fort Collins, Summit County, Vail, Aspen, Breckenridge, Keystone and all of the Front Range.]